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Independent Investment Advisors


Austin’s Town Lake Trail provided the tranquil setting that sparked a vision in CEO Ryan Donelson. That vision is now reality: Independent Investment Advisors: Building institutional bond portfolios for retail clients.

Our Mission

Why should Wall Street and other large institutions have the monopoly on the most superior investment tools, strategies, and privileged rates?  Independent Investment Advisors believes you don’t have to be big to play big—or invest intelligently. This is why our mission centers on giving individual investors the same resources enjoyed, often exclusively, by corporations, state governments, and municipalities. Independent Investment Advisors brings the power of institutional-level investing to the retail customer.

We believe small sailboats deserve to share the same canal as commercial tankers, and importantly deserve equal service. Therefore, we insist our clients access and leverage the same rates, relationships, resources—and the rewards—historically reserved for large private and public entities. Moreover, because we are a niche business, locally-owned and managed, our clients are not getting lost in the maze of a multi-billion dollar money management firm.

Instead, they work directly with President, Founder, and CEO Ryan Donelson—a veteran and expert of the bond industry, who embraces the wisdom that “bonds don’t make you rich, they keep you rich” by focusing on return of principal vs. return on principal.

As a prime broker designee, we can trade with any broker/dealer offering the best price—buying or selling. Furthermore, our clients know their assets are secure because of our partnership with one of the world’s largest and most prestigious account custodians. We offer a diverse suite of products with bonds as our expertise.